The Corridor: December 2006

The Corridor

We are a church community committed to having an incarnational presence in the Washington/Baltimore Corridor.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Firefly Tonight

We are all getting together tonight to watch the first few episodes of a sci-fi show called Firefly; a short lived series that even though canceled after only 14 episodes lead to a movie (Serenity) that Karrie and I just love. This is a great show; here is a sample to give you a taste of what it is about.

We are meeting at the Wolf’s house tonight at 6:00pm, everyone is welcome. Please keep in mind that though the show aired on television it is NOT a kid’s show. Our kids will be watching something else in another room while we watch Firefly- if you bring kids they are welcome to join them. The show does deal with some mature themes and is extremely character driven; which is what makes it so good. I am looking forward to watching it with everyone that can make it.


Friday, December 15, 2006

The Greatest Action Story Ever Told!

First there was the Passion, then the Nativity Story; finally we have the movie about Jesus Christ Hollywood is dying to make.

When you get done laughing at this video, what do you think about Hollywood’s and the media’s portrayal of Jesus Christ over the years? Where do you think they got it right and where do you think they fell short? What matters more, how a movie accurately reflects Jesus Christ or how his followers reflect him in the world today?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Getting Quiet

Pasted below is the email devotional I recieved today.

"He went up into a mountain apart" (Matt. 14:23).
One of the blessings of the old-time Sabbath was its calm, its restfulness, its holy peace. There is a strange strength conceived in solitude. Crows go in flocks and wolves in packs, but the lion and the eagle are solitaires.
Strength is not in bluster and noise. Strength is in quietness. The lake must be calm if the heavens are to be reflected on its surface. Our Lord loved the people, but how often we read of His going away from them for a brief season. He tried every little while to withdraw from the crowd. He was always stealing away at evening to the hills. Most of His ministry was carried on in the towns and cities by the seashore, but He loved the hills the best, and oftentimes when night fell He would plunge into their peaceful depths.
The one thing needed above all others today is that we shall go apart with our Lord, and sit at His feet in the sacred privacy of His blessed presence. Oh, for the lost art of meditation! Oh, for the culture of the secret place! Oh, for the tonic of waiting upon God! --Selected

I believe this quiet before God is a vital need in my own life, but I struggle to find it. Even when I am alone and technically quiet should come, I am often under fire from my own mental noise. I am encouraged by this devotional to sit long enough for quiet to come. I am encouraged to wait...

I would love to know how others find the quiet, how you get your mind to cooperate and get calm enough to really hear Him.