The Corridor: August 2007

The Corridor

We are a church community committed to having an incarnational presence in the Washington/Baltimore Corridor.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunday Gatherings in the Corridor

Our church community has finally outgrown my house on Friday nights and so we are changing our gathering venue to both accommodate for this and also move to something with a bit more structure to it. We will begin to meet in a large old house in Glen Burnie that is now used as office space. They have a large room in the back of the house with several round tables set up right off the kitchen area. Starting this Sunday at 4:30pm the Corridor will begin to meet in this space weekly.

Our plan is to do some spiritual reflection, participate in communion together, spend some time in prayer, spend some time hanging out, and then share a Sunday night meal together. My hope is that our time partaking in the Eucharist together on a weekly basis will eventually help shape this to be more of a time of worship; with time we will gradually begin to incorporate more music, reading, poetry and art. I do like it that our gatherings will become more table centered as we regularly break bread with one another. I think this will be a good foundation to build our community gathering times upon.

We will also be using the time during our meals not only to continue building relationships with one another, but to talk about more ways we can make a difference in our communities and the world we live in. Whether we are working to make a difference in social and/or justice issues, the environment, or simply learning to love our neighbors better, we can not forget that the purpose of the church is to live out the Kingdom of God in the here in now. So, it will be very interesting to see how our times of gathering continues to evolve and hopefully inspire us in many different ways to actually live our faith out in the world we live in.